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Walidate makes the identification process less painful for users and companies alike. No installation needed. It works securely in a browser with on-demand operators available. Become our partner now and enjoy the benefits.

Why Walidate?

  • Customizable

    Get only the data
    you really need

  • Plannable

    Fixed price on
    each verification

  • Proven

    Built upon
    existing technology

  • Brandable

    You can opt to
    use your own branding

Walidate offers not only the fastest, but the most secure way of client identification. We can finish a video identification session in less than 5 minutes. The client can be based anywhere in the world and he doesn't need to install apps or other software. He can initiate a session using only our website.

About the service

Over 100,000 new accounts are opened every day on pages which require KYC in a variety of business sectors. They need quick, easy, safe and reliable solutions. This is where we come in.

Thanks to our automated verification process, clients only have to show their personal documents to the camera. The system takes photos of the documents and records all activity on video. The photos are then analyzed with font check, layout check, hologram check and image manipulation check.

Following the positive identification, the documents will be double-checked manually by a human operator. If the client requests support during the process, our operators can help 24/7 via live video.

Our solution meets all the international KYC and AML regulations.



Our solution can be integrated into your existing webpage using your brand, so your clients will feel at home when using Walidate.

You only have to give us your workflow and script requirements that we need to follow. The rest is taken care of by our carefully selected operators.

After the verification process is done, we will provide you with all the data that you specifically requested.

Trust and privacy

We’ll keep your clients’ sensitive information safe and secure. Using private secure keys, only your clients have the means to manage their data as they see fit.

All data and recordings are fully encrypted. We make a big deal about using high grade encryption to make sure we’re at least as secure as financial institutions and banks.

And trust us, we’ll never offer your clients’ sensitive data to other parties. Period.

Comparison to app-based identification

When compared to a typical app-based client identification solution, Walidate offers much more.

Platform-independency makes you more flexible as your reach is not limited by walled gardens. Because we use live operators, the client is always able to call for help if he needs it.

With Walidate, you not only get a picture of your customer, but also a fully recorded and secured video about the process itself. Since your clients don’t have to install or download anything in order to start the session, it is more convenient, it has a better user experience, and it is more secure.

More details

Duration of automatic identification 3-4 minutes
Duration of manual (by operator) identification 4-5 minutes
Number of guaranteed identifications per day 5000+
Platforms Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge
Mobile devices Android, iOS
Installation Not required
Security Compliance with the highest security technologies
Supported languages English, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Thai, Hungarian, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Russian, Turkish
Supported types of personal documents ID card, driving licence, passport, proof of address, certification of registration (company)